A visual novel dating sim where you are not the person dating - you are a teenager helping two of your friends get together!
They pass notes in the classroom, and you sit between them so the notes go through you. So, you decide to change things a little bit...
(Also known as Man-in-the-Middle)

Created for Global Game Jam 2018 (theme - Transmission)


Ariel Yahav - Words, Sounds, Lists and sleep deprived Humour
Boris Ulyanskiy - Story, Writing
Carmin Bittermann: Sound Recording and Editing
Lynne Hurwitz: Game Design and Development, Vocals
Nadav Sheffer - Designer, Writer, Etc
Nataly Bendersky Shalem - Game Design, Programming
Yosi Rozengarten - Game Designer & Developer
Ofir Hanin - Art Art Art!


CyranoteWindows.zip 29 MB
CyranoteMac.zip 31 MB
CyranoteLinux.zip 32 MB