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Insult Duelling

An entry for Ludum Dare 32, with the theme "An Unconventional Weapon".

How to Play

Inspired by Monkey Island's insult sword fighting.
Learn all the possible insult retorts by training against the IDP (Insult Duel Practice software), and then you'll be ready to face the master. Defeat the master 3 times in a row to win!

Press 'F1' or 'M' at any time to open the menu. Press 'Esc' to quit the desktop version.

NOTE: Turns out the game doesn't display well on lower resolutions, so it's best to play the web version or choose a high resolution in the Unity launcher.

More Info

Built from scratch in 48 hours. Used Unity 5, GIMP, bfxr and abundant-music.com music generator.

Source code is here:


Ludum Dare Entry here:


Install instructions

Play in the browser or download to your computer.

If the Unity Player isn't working in your browser, you can play a web version here:

WebGL version on GameJolt


InsultDuellingWebGL.zip 23 MB
InsultDuellingWindows.zip 12 MB
InsultDuellingLinux.zip 14 MB
InsultDuellingMac.zip 14 MB
InsultDuellingUnityWeb.zip 2 MB